Welcome to the memosnag blog. Memosnag is the FREE application that lets you save what you like online with 1 click. Memosnag also lets you easily organize what you save in collections and share your collections for collaboration or just for fun.

People use memosnag in many different ways including creating gift lists, saving articles they want to read later or they need for research, creating and sharing shopping lists, saving random things they like online and many more. A creative use of memosnag I came across recently was a realtor in New Orleans who uses memosnag to collect and share information with her clients, from possible houses from Zillow to neighborhood information, to newspaper articles about the city, to school district information and pretty much anything else a realtor would want to share with her clients.

Memosnag is FREE and is available for Chrome and Firefox on web and for iOS and Android on mobile.


This blog is managed and maintained by the memosnag team and is dedicated to telling the story of memosnag, how it solves everyday problems and how people use it.


I conceived memosnag while working on school papers for my MBA. I was doing a lot of research online and saving large amounts of online material that I needed for my papers. I did a lot of copy-pasting of links, bookmarking pages, right-click-saving of images and charts, and took a lot of screenshots. What a mess… I hated it. I seemed to never be able to easily find what I had saved the previous day. What a major pain in the butt. I kept thinking: there’s got to be a better way! So I tried various applications, from Pocket to Evernote but none seemed to really resolve my problem. Pocket was great for articles but as soon as I saved more than a few, it was still very hard to sort through them. Evernote was a more complete solution, especially with clipper. But I found the interface too complex and saving what I needed required multiple clicks, which made me lose track of what I was doing.

And I still had the unresolved issue of citations… creating citations for everything I saved was possibly the most painful and frustrating process of all.

Coincidentally I also happen to have a product management qualification from UC Berkeley and just as they taught me, I realized that I was dealing with a problem that many people had and that nobody had yet resolved: why is saving and organizing what you like or need online so complicated?

The entrepreneur in me could no longer ignore the opportunity. I drafted a product spec document describing an application that did what I wanted it to do: 1. Let me save things with 1 click; 2. Let me organize what I saved in folders with 1 action (drag-drop). 3. Create automated citations; 4. Let me share the folders I created with others for collaboration; 5. Do so with a User Interface that is intuitive and familiar. I created some basic screen designs and validated the concept with a bunch of random people at the Hacker Dojo and Red Rock café in Mountain View, CA. Once confirmed that what I had in mind was something people needed and would use, I engaged a development firm owned by a friend of a friend and in a couple of months I had a prototype ready. The prototype helped showing and proving the concept, which in turn allowed me to onboard a tech co-founder and source some angel funding. We started developing memosnag in June 2015. The rest is history.